Red Square is an internationally known Tea Master who performs Neoillsuion Teaism-Tea Performance and Tea Ceremony.


Red Square grew up with Tea, and started to learn about Tea at age of 8 from her parents' Tea Garden.

She received Master certifications of Art and Tea Judging from the motherland of Tea, China.

She has been promoting Tea Culture in American since 2008,

She created her own style of Tea Ceremony, Neoillusion Teaism Ceremony, which is one of a Kind 21st Century Tea Ceremony that expresses Tranquility, Unity, and Humanity. It combines New and Old, Tradition and Contemporary, East and West in the form of Art to reveal the Spirit of Tea.


Neoillusion Teaism is the effort and Skill of Unity. It is the service of the ​moment that contains Traditional and Modern, Self and Others, Masculinity and Femininity, Eastern and Western

It is a Meditative Contemplative Artistic Avant-garde Zen Experience at House of Neoillusion, based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. Every ceremony is curated with High-end Rare Organic Teas, Live Music, Art, Design, Poetry, Discusses, Flower Arrangement, Ceramic Art, Incense, Purification, and so on.

The aim of Neoillusion Teaism Ceremony is to bring relaxation of mind, a space for getting in touch with one's being by bring the Ritual of tea drinking to the next level of LUXURY, the luxury of being a 21st century citizen. We do this by combing the new with the old tradition, letting tea itself be the symbol of the representation of our gathering. The gathering of lovers through the Art of drinking tea and conversation.


Neoillusion Teaism Ceremony is the new way to spend time with yourself and your loved ones, and make new friends at same time. 

Neoilllsuion Tea Ceremony is by Appointment Only.

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