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The Art of Happiness
Flower, No flower

No flower
Is it a question?
Is it an answer?

When the flower was held in the Buddha’s hand
A truth was made
Without any words
Any moves.
No one saw the flower
Yet, there is someone who received it
As the life that blooms,
The moment that is given,
The what-it-is-ness in the flower.

In the flower of Buddha's hand
There is
Yes, indeed.
That’s all,
Said it all.

The flower
The presence of practice
The achievement
The success
The knowing
The other side of shore
The self

Does anyone remember who I am?
In the answer of yes indeed, there is flower
In the answer of silent smile, there is Yes, I do!

In the Yes, flower remains
in all seasons
even appears as No Flower.

In the knowing of no,
No is the cover of knowledge
And the real content in no is Yes.

Between Yes and No
Between flower and no flower
As if between saying without words,
Going without moving.

It is not that there are no words in silence
It is not that there is no motion in stillness
It is not that there is no Yes in No

Between yes and no
Between flower and no flower
As if between coming and going
Living and dying
Receiving and giving,

There is time for flower
There is time for no flower.

Flower is the beginning of no flower
No flower is the birth of flower.

In the birth of yes and no
There is only Yes, indeed
In trust, Birth never dies
In every birth, flower is no flower, no flower is flower.

Between flower and no flower
There is us
Between you and I
We make things happen.

In the process of making
Flower comes and blooms
In the the process of coming
We become flower
We cultivate
We keep our petals fresh
We keep our cores strong
We bloom in winters
We release fragrance in tears.

There is no cold,
no suffering,

No flower and no no flower.

No flower
Is our journey to reveal, to see, to know, to create.
In the process of creation
We found the perfect answer.

We walk the walk
In the walk of walking
We experience
We see
We feel
we understand
We learn
we bloom.

In the steps of our walking
We make it happen, make it grow, make it bloom..
Bloom in our hands
In our hearts
And in our lives...

It is the doing that makes w
hat is flower

And what is no flower
The process,
The progress,
The success,
Are the blooming flowers.

From no flower to flower
From self to others
From man to nature
From day to night
From body to spirit
From flower to no flower
It is what it is
We accept
We do what we are suppose to do,
We walk the walk
We go through.

That is
the Art of Happiness

No flower
It is a question
It is an answer
And it is what it is
It is art of happiness

Oct 9th, 2018

Performance Art
Flower No Flower
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