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Neoillusionist Calligraphy





Running River Style

Neoillusionist Calligraphy


Artist Statement


My whole body is my brush, when I paint it is not just words that come out through the calligraphy, it is the meaning of my existence. It is the way my whole being understands and sees the world.

When I write the words what I seek and reveal is the transparency of meaning.

The way the single word can give variety of interpretation through the gestural understanding of my internal mood.

I am the Brush and the brush is Me.

The Ink is my Spirit that flows out of me every Instant.

The Paper is the filed of my Life.

When the work is done, it is only the imprint of what has been - a fleeting after taste it is what left behind. It becomes a memory, a collection.


Red Square's Calligraphy work has received many high regards, has been called “One of A Kind, Avant-garde Art” in the truest sense of the term, that is, leading Chinese Art in America.  Her work has been exhibited in different cities across the United States. World Famous Art Dealer and the Founder of PACE GALLERY, ARNE GLIMCHER was the curator for her first solo exhibition in New York City.
What makes Red Square’s work so distinguished is that she creates and expresses a style of calligraphy all her own with free spirit, the ''RUNNING RIVER STYLE''.
She offers a sincere contemporary vision into the traditional arts by using the modern day liberation of free association and diversification of mediums to attain her Unique style.
She uses painting techniques to bring about depth, light and shadow, within each character and composition there is calligraphy in painting, there is painting in calligraphy.

In Red Square’s spiritual practice and revelation of Calligraphy, she sees Calligraphy is not only dance’s revelation and exaltation of self on paper, but that
Calligraphy is Life. Life is Calligraphy.
As a Tea Master, Tea Ceremony is the movement of her Calligraphy without ink in the Tea Room, as a Student of Life, everything around her in her daily life is her Calligraphy Master.

Every character Red Square writes is a revelation of a point of view,  it is the transparency of meaning beyond what it is.


Lecture: New Innovation of Chinese Calligraphy in the 21st Century

Keven Yang

Chairman of Top 100 Collectors Group, Art critic-

“I sincerely, carefully, seriously watched this more than 15 minute film of your calligraphy, I am

so amazed and fell in love in this great moment! It is so natural, free, at ease, as if it has the help

of God! Therefore, I truly understand the real meaning of “Present Zen”! You are something! A

Real Great Calligrapher is born! I am proud of you! Congratulations! ”

Wanxin Zhang

World Famous American Cultural Scholar, Calligraphy & Seal Carving Master

"She has added to us a different kind of calligraphic art within the tradition. Her starting points

and transition points are very novel. It reveals to us an absolutely new vision of calligraphy

through life itself, as well in the practice of Zen, from the very source of the universe. The

composition and layout are in one perfect breath. I particularly feel that her stamp is distinct with

very interesting characteristic. For the first time since I have studied calligraphy in 55 years, I

have never seen such a big stamp, very impressive. It is very creative, extremely creative, and it

is very, very good! We are in the 21st century, calligraphy art needs to be expressed in a style of

the times, her artwork coincides with her red seal, which is particularly novel, and she has brought

Chinese calligraphy to an unprecedented level in her writing. That is the very meaning of

the exhibition of art. Red Square’s calligraphy is absolutely unusual work of an outstanding quality

for the New York art scene. There are 60,000 artists in New York. 60 years ago, most artist from

the whole world go to Paris to live, now they have all moved to New York, all kinds of art forms

and various artistic expression techniques can be found in New York City, but artwork like

Red Square’s, for the first time, it gave us a very new and fresh feeling. Wet ink and dry ink, she

writes very naturally, and the combination is just right, between the line and the stroke she is not

affected by the traditional style of writing, but also forms the structure of her own kind of

understanding. In her calligraphy, the arrangement between space and words is very natural and

authentic, each word, each line is full of spirit and good energy."


RedSquare Calligraphy V-Book Exhibitions

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