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“Art is my Life, Everything around is a Pray, The Way of Tea is the Art of my Living.”

- Red Square 






RedSquare's work has received many high regards, has been called “One of A Kind, Avant- garde Art” in the truest sense of the term, that is, leading Chinese Art in Americaa, especially Calligraphy and The Art of Tea. Her professional art work and performances have been exhibited in different cities across the United States more than 30 times. World Famous Art Dealer and the Founder of PACE Gallery, Arne Glimcher was the curator for her first solo exhibition in New York City.

" Art is my Religion,

Everything Around is my Prayer,

The Way of Tea is the

Art of my Life"

- RedSquare

As the brush sets to paper, leaving its illustrious trace of meaning behind, so did the fingers of a young Red Square trail through the black soil of her parents’ vegetable and tea gardens in Changsha, Hunan, China, leaving her hands dark with earth and her spirit bright with inspiration.

Studying calligraphy in school and gaining certification as a Tea Master as a young woman, Red Square also studies Neoillusionist Dance, and it has been in the practicing of these three disciplines that she has recognized they are all one in the same. Calligraphy is the dance of the spirit on paper; Dance is the writing of calligraphy with the body; Tea Ceremony is the dance of meaning through deliberate movement to express the truth of the Way. She applies her understanding of this threefold proportion by using Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony and Dance as the balanced revelation of self, and offers a sincere contemporary approach to traditional arts by using the modern day liberation of free association and diversification of mediums to attain her unique style.


With every Tea Ceremony, RedSquare combines Neoillusionist principles with Traditional Chinese Values to create calligraphy in four dimensions. With every character written she reveals a rare perspective into a world long since passed over, yet ever present with us still - even in these modern times.

The goal of Neoillusionist Calligraphy is to remove the barrier of self in the action so that pure essence is all that remains on the paper. RedSquare sees Neoillusion as the very image of our reality, like the delicate touch of brush on paper.. 


"I was Born as a Performer and Artist, WhenI perform, I am the absolute True self and the whole universe.
My mission is to reveal the face of The Real in Beauty through ART! "

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