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Exaltation of Emptiness

Five Nation Ensemble

Exaltation of                   Emptiness


With the first breath the artist takes in, the performance begins — new art is born.
In the freedom of her expression, her art of calligraphy increases in every new
instant, it is being on the paper and the model. It is the dance of moment, the rhythm of what is; the poetry of vibration.

The emptiness of the space is not empty. The energy, emotions, sensations, feelings, expressions are all present in the seemingly empty space - but what will happen is that through the artist's attention and intention, the hidden expression is teased out by the artist's learned intuitive powers of control.
In the authenticity of sentiment, every stroke RedSquare paints is done
spontaneously; every motion is a calligraphy of intention composed into a coordinated
totality of wholeness toward the entire piece, so that from first inhalation to the last exhalation it is Natural, Original and Authentic.

During the performance the audience has a chance to witness the process of the
creation, the transparency and honesty of the dance of ink, the Exaltation of Emptiness.


From any point and any angle, the stroke of the moment moves to contain the
calligraphy of meaning of its essential face, the only face there is, the only
meaning there is.


The purpose of this exhibition, Exaltation of Emptiness, is to show the manifestation of art as a momentary vibration pouring out as a production of fullness of that moment. The artist's aim is to show that at every moment, from every direction, art is being created. To show that emptiness is really fullness, that all one has to do is to make the intention of awareness, and there, there, there will be art! In a Zen-like manner, the artist shows that the moment is the prized gift afforded to all of us, to imprint upon it our vision of composed immersion.
The performance shows that the moment itself is the performance, and that emptiness is the face of fullness of everything.
In this way, the moment is exalted as the only currency of life given.


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