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Dear Friends,

Unraveling II: Democracy Unraveling, at the High Line on October 17th, was forced to be cancelled again.

While myself and my team were fully prepared for the performance, ropes bound, makeup, costume all on, when we arrived at the Whitney Museum, a sign on the entrance to the High Line said, “Park Closed - High Line is temporarily closed due to high winds.”

Unraveling II: Democracy Unraveling has been postponed twice already, first due to torrential rain, and this time due to high winds caused by the most recent Nor’easter storm system (or Bomb Cyclone, as it is also known).  The unexpected news and volatile weather is Unraveling in itself, the performance itself unraveled of its own accord, the message speaking clearly for itself:

Global warming and its destabilizing effects unravel the truths of the phenomenon of our planet and the society we are living in.  Our ways have been detrimental and in the weather we are reaping what we have sewn. The less predictable climate reveals the endless change that never changes, it is unraveling itself in its process.

I am rescheduling for a third time, and am determined no matter what to complete this installment of Unraveling.  Weather permitting, I will perform Democracy Unraveling next Thursday, October 24th at 5:00pm.

Unraveling II: Democracy Unraveling is going to be more challenging both physically and spiritually than Unraveling I: Unraveling Humanity. The challenge for Unraveling Humanity at Times Square on July 4th was the dog day’s heat, and this time it will be the cold.
Because of the custom designed Neo-Harlequin costume, my arms, legs, back and neck will be exposed and I will perform the 1.5 mile walk barefoot with my ropes and Awakening bowl.

The cold weather symbolizes our society, the world, and the state of our humanity. We are all exposed to this coldness and suffering deeply in it. If we want to solve the critical condition we are in, we must go all the way through to the other side with strength and unwavering determination. Our power will be gained in the process of going through, freedom will be granted upon our arrival.

I am looking forward to having this experience of Unraveling, to experience a new sight of myself and of the world that I have never known before, to gain my own power and freedom.  I might get sick from the cold, my entire body might be trembling, shaking with my sprained ankle, but the fire of truth will melt any fear and give me the heat to keep going until I reach the end.

Unraveling is an ongoing project, Unraveling III will be in April, 2020.  Unraveling is like peeling myself, layer after layer to discover who I am, until I reach the transparency of my true self.

I am humbled to invite you to be my witness, to be my inspiration, my encouragement and my supporter to go through this Unraveling.  I look forward to revealing the power of Unraveling with you.

Join me on Thursday, October 24th
At The High Line
Beginning at the entrance of the Whitney Museum
At 5:00pm
Ending at Hudson Yards.

Sincerely yours,

Red Square







Thursday, Oct 24th, 2019


Unraveling II - Democracy Unraveling continues the art project,

Unraveling I - Unraveling Humanity, which was performed

on July 4th, 2019 in Times Square.

On October 24th, 2019 at the High Line Park in Chelsea, Red Square will be sculpted as a NeoHarlequin character carrying a pile of ropes, symbolizing the connection

between China and USA, between East and West, Nations to Nations, People to People. She will walk the full 1.5 miles of the park unraveling the ropes, beginning at the

Whitney Museum and ending at Hudson Yards from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.


Red Square’s goal is to reveal that the power of Democracy is unraveling with each step society takes, and that we have already embarked on this journey. The world is knotted up, twisted on itself and we are struggling amongst ourselves to resolve these conflicts.


The purpose of the artist walking the full distance, is to reveal and encourage society to keep going. Each step becoming more certain, every distance gained for one is

distance gained for all. This is the promise of Democracy that Red Square has come to experience in the United States.

This performance also commemorates Red Square’s 10 years of being in America.

The primary purpose of “Democracy Unraveling” is to call Society’s attention to the fact that no matter where we are from, we are all connected as one, living under the roof of humanity — To remind people that when we unravel our tied up hearts, thoughts, anger, hate, words and behaviors to connect with each other in peace, we realize the power is in our hands, like the rope in Red Square’s hands.

On an individual level, to unravel what is in our hands, as well as in ourselves, is to see beyond what is. Looking into our deepest self, the most hidden part, in Unraveling, we see the whole from every perspective gaining knowledge of truth — the truth of who we are, what we have and what to do.

Unraveling gives the truth of reality, and that is the real power — to be free — and that is the power of Democracy.

About the project:

Democracies all over the world are being tested. Democracy is Unraveling — All the major countries that have long upheld the principals of personal freedom are under attack from the United States throughout Europe, reaching all the way to Hong Kong. At the same time, Democracy is unveiling itself through this process of Unraveling. The hope is that the threads hold through this test, for Democracy would be stronger on the other side. That is why we must be careful undergoing this Unraveling process — we must determine our actions with precision and care using time as our vehicle and our humanity as our guide.

We can, through diligence and sincere effort reveal Democracy’s hidden strength, thereby unveiling the cord that connects East and West, that connects us all. “Unraveling” is Red Square’s concerted effort to find the thread that binds us, showing that the World is held in the name of the people, for the people and by the people.

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